Flowerbulbs for gardening

The aim of this part of the campaign is to bring the right time to purchase flower bulbs to the attention of the consumer, as well as to stimulate the level of knowledge about planting bulbs. In order to do this, two media campaigns have been set up. One is focused on increasing awareness while the other focuses on improving the education of consumers with regard to the assortment, the planting and the moment of planting. There are several elements to this campaign: online display ads, radio ads, sponsored social media posts and press statements to leverage news media.

Blooming with Color

This autumn we will start driving awareness and knowledge of flower bulbs to households (users and non-users) and promote the use of flower bulbs for gardening to populations with highest density and optimal flower bulb growing conditions. As of September a large web campaign will run via Facebook and Google. Important influencers like consumer garden communicators such as Garden Bloggers and Garden Communities will drive awareness to the when and how to use flower bulbs in a garden.

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